Pure Colour Studio is the design arm of Lifescaped. We have a deep understanding of colour and patterns in nature, and the human relationship with these, which we uniquely bring to product and graphic design. We use pigments, fluorescent pigments, structural colours and lighting in the manner that they are used in animals and plants.

Image credit: Isa Crumeyrolle
Geometry + Image

We use geometry in nature and images produced by physical phenomena, such as diffusion, to bring evolved patterns into design. These designs may appeal to our visual systems, which have themselves evolved to appreciate such patterns (as a feature of our natural backgrounds).

Image credit: Isa Crumeyrolle
Narrative + Nature

We incorporate a strong narrative, highlighting the links to nature, in all of our designs. We can produce a range of designs on a theme, suitable for commercial products from cars to clothing.

Geometry + Art

We collaborate with The Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts and the Royal College of Art to bring an aspect of geometry in nature into our designs, and with designers at the Royal College of Art, London.

Image credit: Isa Crumeyrolle