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Through millions of years of trial and error, animals, plants and microbes have evolved particularly efficient innovations and sparing ways of doing things. Lifescaped has developed a creative process to make these innovations legible to industry and ready for business. Nature’s innovations could make cars more aerodynamic, make company software more secure and result in sunscreens that do not harm marine life. 

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Blue Jellyfish (Cyanea lamarckii)

“ I feel that biomimetics is a far better solution in terms of sustainability and integration with Nature than relying on transgenic technologies, which can have real potential complications. Nature has the best answers, without waste. ”
Prince Charles Prince Charles, HRH Prince of Wales

Lifescaped's product categories

Lifescaped’s biomimetic projects fall into the categories of: (i) performance (or function), (ii) aesthetic and/or (iii) environmentally supportive. As we develop successful biomimetic products that appear in shops or processes that otherwise enter our lives, the subject and its positive environmental effects may begin to spread.

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